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This is our most popular show that pits a northern Alaskan Lumberjacks against each other in a 8 event no holds barred competition known as The Timber Olympics. The show arrives on one of our mobile Lumberjack Sports Arenas that is 60 feet long and is equipped with two 50 foot hydraulically activated climbing trees, a 40 foot stage and 3000 gallon log rolling pool.
35 minutes of rugged lumberjack action in this heroic battle of two The American Legend, the Lumberjack. (professional announcer and sound system included)


IRONJACK TIMBER OLYMPICS – A even bigger Alaskan Lumberjack Show!

This package includes all the Alaskan Timbermen elements but is a larger production that features two Lumberjills or a North vs. South with the introduction of two Lumberjacks from the Continental US against the Alaskans! teamed with our famed Lumberjacks. Jack & Jill axe-tion that is nonstop.



– No Feud here, just a Lumberjack in exhibition! A history lesson and sport rolled into one. A very talented athlete will walk your crowds through the history of how an industry turned to sport. Like the American cowboy came from ranching, the American Lumberjack came from logging. An affordable family experience for a good size event.


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