Lumberjack Andrew, back for STIHL!

Andrew made his appearance today, to warm hugs, tears and open arms. He returned to the building for the first time since he left so suddenly a few weeks ago.

Many staff at the feud have not seen him since his surgery, and it was a tear filled yet joyous reunion for many.

Joyful, yet brief, as He needed to go home and rest, he has a long recovery to go, a desk to get back to, an axe to pick back up, and a legend to continue…

We love you Andrew!

STIHL Is Almost Here!


We are so close to the start of the competiiton! The buzz is in the air! The Jacks are getting ready, the box office is getting ready, marketing is getting ready, and some representatives from STIHL are already on site! Check our Show Schedule to get your tickets! Yoho! #STIHLlumberjacks #LumberjackFeud